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Getting ready for Fall

Summer seems to be coming to a close but the weather here in Southern California has still been nice and warm lately. We had a very busy summer performing our version of steel drum music for our many clients. We’re looking forward to many more great performances throughout the rest of 2016. Make the SteelRead more..

Hiring a steel drum band for your event

You’re starting to plan that tropical party in your backyard. You’ve decided that you’d like to have some form of steel drum music at your event. Your party is going to be a small, intimate experience. Maybe 20 to 25 guests total. In my opinion, this is a perfect setting to have a steel drumRead more..

A few steel drum music links

I thought I’d take a moment to write a post and include some usefel links to some steel drum music info sites. Here’s a link to some interesting information on the history of the steel pan (feel fee to call them steel drums if you like). It’s from the Oxford University Press blog. This linkRead more..

Steel Drums

Steel Tropics is now on Linked In. You can read about our steel drums there. Don’t forget to check our steel drum music on YouTube as well. Enjoy!

Happy Labor Day

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Steel Tropics is pretty busy right now. Our many clients have really enjoyed hearing our steel drum band perform for them throughout the summer. Hope everyone continues to enjoy the rest of 2016.

Steel drum blast from da past!

Here’s an older picture of Steel Tropics performing At the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. Was a great evening of steel drum music.

Steeldrum music in Laguna Beach, CA.

Last night I had the pleasure of performing solo steel drums for a couple’s 25th anniversary. It was at their beautiful home in Laguna Beach, CA. Even though the weather was a bit overcast, the temperature was really nice. I received several compliments from guests. They all mentioned how much they loved the steel drumRead more..

Steel drum music youtube videos

Here’s a link to our steel drum band music on youtube Steel drums via twitter Enjoy!

Steel Tropics music CDs

Hey, don’t forget to check out our steel drum music CD Island Dreamin’ on iTunes.

Steeldrums in Tustin, Ca.

I recently performed solo steel drums for an event at a very lovely home in the city of Tustin, Ca. This was a 50th birthday celebration for a smaller group of guests. Just having a solo steel drummer works really well for smaller special events.

Not exactly steel drums

So in addition to playing the steeldrums , I also play a variety of other instruments. Sometimes with my steel drum band and at times in different configurations. Here is a picture of me playing the 4 string plectrum banjo with now retired entertainment director from Disneyland, Stan Freese. In addition to everything else heRead more..

Steel Tropics on Social Media

The Steel Tropics Steel Drum Band has been on several social media outlets for many years. I thought that I’d take the time and list some of them here for you all. Twitter is one of the first that we got onboard with. Of course Facebook is one of the most popular. Linked In isRead more..

Steel Drum Music

Just an FYI, Steel Tropics Steel Drum Band has some excellent steel drum music recordings available. Our tropical music is on iTunes, Amazon & cdbaby. Available in physical cds, and steel drum music digital downloads.

Steeldrums in Long Beach, CA.

I recently did a solo steel drum performance onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. It was a beautiful Southern California evening. My client really enjoyed the sounds of my steel drums. Although it wasn’t my full steel drum band that performed, the party was on the smaller size and having solo steel drumsRead more..

Solo Steel Drums

I recently performed solo steel drums for a small gathering overlooking Capistrano Beach, Ca. It was a very beautiful day to have steel drum music while the guests were enjoying the wonderful California weather. Here was my killer view!

A lovely special event

The Steel Tropics steel drum band just performed for a wonderful Open house down in San Marcos,Ca. Our band was very well received throughout the evening. If you are looking for great steel drum music or even a solo steel drummer, check us out. Steel Tropics, the finest steel drum band music in Orange CountyRead more..

Flashback from my steel drum band

Here’s an old pic I came across of the band playing at Sea World of San Diego, CA. Here we are taking a break from the steel drum band music and playing some surf music instrumentals. This was a really fun band. This was back around 1998. At this time I was playing at SeaRead more..

Getting ready for the Holidays

It’s about that time of year once again. The Holiday steel drum music calls usually start coming in around mid November. The past few years were pretty good as far as steel drum gigs went. I’m super fortunate that I get to play the steel drums for a living.

Tropical party with Steel Drum Music

We recently performed our steel drum music for a tropical themed party at the Terranea Resort in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes Ca. Here’s a shot of Coconut Frank gettin down on the steel drums.

Solo Steel Drummer

Playing in the Newport Coast area in Orange County Ca. I also double on the ukulele at times as is shown in the steel drum picture below. Although it is more on the Hawaiian side, it fits in nicely with the steel drum music I provide to my clients.

Steel Drums At it Again

We recently did yet another Steel Drum/Ukulele duo in Newport Beach, Ca. Here is a shot of myself and my buddy Jason performing on a beautiful yacht. This was a corporate luncheon type of an event. For this particular cruise, the client didn’t need a full size steel drum band, but a smaller group thatRead more..

Solo Steel Drums for Special Events

I had the fortune of performing some solo steel drum music at a great event at Dana Hills High School in Orange County, CA. for their teacher appreciation luncheon event. The tropical steel drums were a big hit with the crowd. They also some great Hawaiian style grindz for lunch! Here’s a little steel drumRead more..

Solo Steel Drum Events

Man, all of a sudden it’s really starting to heat up as far as the amount of steel drum events we’ve been doing. We’re also getting a ton of inquiries which is great for us. In addition to steel drum band gigs, I’ve been doing a lot of solo steel drums in the Orange CountyRead more..

Caribbean steel drum band for Spring

Here in Southern California, the weather has been really nice this winter. Super mild all season thus far. It seems when the weather stays nice for a while, the steel drum music inquiries start flying in. Gotta love that! We have been getting quite a lot of wedding, beach party and other special occasion inquiriesRead more..

Steel Drum Band Music for 2015!

Man can you believe it? 2015 is already here! Well, it’s already the middle of January but it came really quickly. We are really looking forward to performing our steel drum music for our many clients and friends in this new year. I think that 2015 is going to be an even better year thanRead more..

Hello 2015!

Well, 2014 was a great year overall. There was an abundance of steel drum band gigs for us. That is always nice. The economy seems to be on the right track. Steel Tropics is going to continue to maintain it’s musical integrity and keep providing the most professional Steel Drum Music to be found inRead more..

Steel Drum Band for Hire!

Okay okay, it’s time to plug our steel drum band. Steel Tropics is available to play steel drum music for your special Holiday event this season. Steel drums work really well for many different types of occasions. Give us a try this Christmas Holiday time.

It’s close to Holiday time

It’s finally feeling like Fall here in Southern California. The weather has cooled off a bit. It’s definitely coffee time! We have been starting to get some Christmas steel drum music requests and inquiries. Give the Steel Tropics Caribbean Steel drum band a try this Holiday season.

Steel Drum Duo Anyone?

Steel Tropics just performed at a tenant appreciation event in Newport Beach. The entire event went off great. It was indoors in the lobby of an office building so my client requested a smaller sized steel drum band. We ended up just going with a steel drum duo for this one. It worked out reallyRead more..

Southern California steel drum band performances

Here’s a partial list of cities in Southern California that Steel Tropics has performed in: Orange County: Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Dana Point, San Clemente, Costa Mesa,Orange, San Juan Capistrano, Oceanside, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles: Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Torrance, Belmont Shores, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach,Read more..

Gigging in Long Beach, CA

It’s been a little while since we’ve performed in Long Beach. I sometimes forget how nice it is to play there. There are some really nice venues all around the city. Steel Tropics did a last minute event in downtown Long Beach just this past week. Well, it was a solo steel drummer engagement. SoRead more..


Well, we just recently cracked the 50,000+ views on our Youtube Steel Tropics Steel Drum Music Channel.  Hooray! We’re happy about that. We are also now up to 83 Subscribers. Not at all too shabby for a steel drum band music channel. We will be updating our Youtube steel drum channel and keep adding steelRead more..

Yelp Yelp!

Steel Tropics just got on Yelp recently and we are starting to get our first reviews. Pretty cool. Yelp is a very important and relevant site. We will continue to post pictures and other relevant info on steel drum band gigs on Yelp. Check out Steel Tropics Steel Drum Band on Yelp

It’s great to be a working musician

It’s 2014 and while the economy overall seems to be doing better and better all the time, I still have some musician friends(some steel drummers some playing other things) who really are not working that much(or as much as they were 6 years ago). The live music scene really started to change as far backRead more..

Dang it’s hot here in Southern California!

It’s the middle of September and it is probably the hottest that it has been all year here in Southern California. Did some really nice steel drum gigs this weekend. One of them was a last minute event that I did in Long Beach at the Westin Hotel. I played outdoors but I was inRead more..

Steel Tropics – Instagram

The Steel Tropics Steel Drum Band is now on Instagram. We’ve been finding that Instagram is a great way to post photos with short descriptions via  a smartphone when we are on a steel drum event. Sometimes we get lucky and get a great picture and sometimes we think you have a great one butRead more..

Yellow Bird-Classic Steel Drum Video

Yellow Bird is one of the all time most popular Caribbean songs ever. I recorded this Tropical tune on my 1st cd Steel Tropics With Tom Liston. Here is a short video clip of me playing Yellow Bird at a birthday event in Orange County Ca.

Steel Tropics on Facebook

The Steel Tropics Steel Drum Band has been on Facebook for several years now. Our following seems to be growing now at a nice steady pace. To date we are at over 270 likes on our steel drum music page.  Pretty cool. We always do our best to post the best quality pictures and videosRead more..

Our First Steel Drum Recording

Our very 1st cd that we recorded is titled Steel Tropics With Tom Liston. I’m very proud of this recording as it was our very first one and to date it is our biggest steel drum recording! We recorded each song mostly in one take which is pretty rare these days. Some of the selectionsRead more..

Some More Youtube Steel Drum Music

Here is one of my Youtube steel drum music videos. This particular video was shot live by a friend who happened to be at my steel drum gig. The tune is called My Little Suede Shoes and was composed by the legendary jazz alto saxophonist Charlie Parker.

Tropical Wedding Music

Steel Tropics performed at a wedding on board a beautiful yacht in Newport Beach this past weekend. The weather was wonderful. For this particular event we did a scaled down version of our normal steel drum band. The group consisted of myself on steel drums and my good friend Jason Arimoto on ukulele. Not onlyRead more..

Summer Weather is Still Here!

It’s early September and the hot weather is not showing any signs of letting up here in Southern California.  Warm weather into September is always great for those of us who have their own steel drum band. It means that folks here in Orange County are still likely to have parties and various events. SometimesRead more..

Steel Tropics Performs all over Southern California!!!

Oftentimes when on a steel drum gig, someone will come up and inquire about the the band. A typical question is: Where does your steel drum band usually play and how far are you willing to go? Well, my usual response is that we normally perform in the Southern California area. Our steel drum band primarily plays inRead more..

Steel Drum Video

Here is a Youtube video clip titled Sly Mongoose that I recorded on my very first steel drum CD, Steel Tropics with Tom Liston.

Entertainer Liability Insurance

It’s a tough reality of doing business in this day & age that a lot of venues where we used to perform at with no problems, now require us to carry some form of liability insurance. Fortunately for our steel drum band, we have had Entertainer Liability Insurance for many years now. It not onlyRead more..

Holiday Steel Drum Music

Although the Christmas season is still several months away, we have already started to sell our Holiday CD, Christmas Paradise. Both in cd form as well as digital downloads of our music. You can find our music on iTunes, Cdbaby and Amazon. Every year I seem to forget just how early some people like toRead more..

Steel Drum Recordings

From time to time I like to remind folks that we have some really nice steel drum music that we have recorded. Our Caribbean music is available as physical CDs as well as digital downloads. There are several places that sell our music online. Our hands down favorite is iTunes. They seem to do theRead more..

A Few Last Summer Gigs

Ended up doing back to back steel drum events last night in Orange County, Ca. Newport Beach to be exact. Seems like I do quite a few steel drum band gigs in the Newport area. This works out well for me since I only live about 17 miles from that area. I also love playingRead more..

The Origins of Steel Drums (Steelpan)

I just came across this really cool video on a National Geographic site that tells about the origins of the steel drum (really called the Steel Pan), Calypso music and how the “steel pan” came to be. It’s really interesting to watch and I highly recommend that anyone at all into music of any kind check this video out.  Read more..

Steel Tropics is on Yelp

Steel Tropics is now officially on Yelp. We’re really excited. We love Yelp! It truly is one of the most helpful and informative websites out there. They have great business reviews, addresses, directions and just tons of very useful information. Check out our personal Yelp Badge link below! Check out Steel Tropics Steel Drum Band on Yelp